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Innovation and expertise in custom cheese-based products, sauces and frozen extruded products are central to the Sargento ingredient value proposition. Our value-added products, precise formulations and packaging solutions can be customized to your needs, and our experts have the technical knowledge to help you arrive at the optimal solution for your next product development project.

New Cheese Blends

Consumer tastes are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and people crave authentic, complex flavor profiles more than ever before. On top of that, the need to optimize every aspect your product development cycle – costs, product performance, consumer demands, speed to market, and more – never goes away. Cheese Blends from Sargento are designed to help. 

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Cheese Training

Our experts are always on hand to help you sharpen your skills and elevate your understanding of cheese. Whether you want to better understand complementary flavors, the performance properties of different cheeses, taste trends or better ways to increase productivity and profits without sacrificing performance, we’re always there to help you overcome your thorniest product challenges.

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Trends, Insights

Consumer dining preferences are in a constant state of change, and our experts keep close tabs on what cheese and flavor combinations are setting menu trends and which ones are on the verge of becoming passé. By learning from our data-driven insights, you gain a competitive edge by being able to offer menu innovations that tap into the shifting desires of key demographic groups.

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On-Trend Cheese Snacking

Proper alignment with shifting consumer demands and long-term trends is critical to the success of any new product, and nowhere is this more important than with food.

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