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World Cheese Inspiration

Take an international tour of on-trend cheeses and flavors.

Trending cheeses from around the world can be a valuable source of inspiration, so we developed "World Cheese Trends" to give you a global perspective on exciting new tastes, products, and menu items.

Experience a cross-cultural view of:

  • What's hot in comfort foods
  • Premiumization
  • Street foods
  • Fusion
  • Vegetarian options

Discover new opportunities with cheeses such as:

  • Parmesan and Italian blends
  • Alpine styles
  • Smoked cheeses
  • Aromatic cheeses
  • Various grillable cheese options

Armed with these insights and a new worldview of what varieties are emerging, growing, and sustaining, you’ll be better equipped to identify a broader set of on-trend opportunities for product and menu categories such as Ready Meals, Snacks, Sandwiches, Poultry, and Pizza.

Look to Sargento as your partner in any cheese-related product or ingredient. We can bring you culinary expertise, useful samples, answers to your most difficult cheese questions, proprietary consumer insights, innovative ideas, and the development teams to support your specific brand needs.

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