"I want cleaner, more transparent product labels."

There is no denying that the clean label movement is rapidly gaining momentum, putting ever-increasing pressure on manufacturers to provide authentic transparency with products that contain familiar, simple ingredients that are easy to recognize, understand, and pronounce.

Consider this:

  • In addition to fueling sales spikes that are outpacing those of conventional products, the wave of transparent and clean label products is also changing the assortment on store shelves as retailers look to satisfy consumer needs. (Nielsen, "Who's Buying Clean Label Products?" 2017)

  • Millennials and Generation X consumers are more likely to seek out and purchase clean labeled products. (Nielsen, "Who's Buying Clean Label Products?" 2017)

At Sargento, our natural cheeses—from traditional favorites like Cheddar and Mozzarella to upward-trending varieties such as Asiago and Havarti—are a big first step toward achieving that goal. After all, with only a few, familiar ingredients they've been simple all along! 

Sourcing from America's finest cheese makers, we offer a wide range of high quality natural cheese varieties and styles, and we know how to select the right cheese, flavor, and form for all your needs. Combine this with our ability to customize blends, cuts, and portion control packaging, and you get unlimited cheese options for your clean-label products.


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