"I want to be able to bring innovative platforms to market more quickly."

Innovation and speed to market have never been more critical. In fact, overly long development times were the most-cited obstacle to generating returns on innovation and product development, according to a 2015 Boston Consulting Group survey. That can be especially problematic in the food industry, where consumer eating preferences are in a constant state of change.

Innovation is one of our core values, and it's manifested in virtually every cheese product we develop. From portion control packaged cheeses and custom cuts to dips and sauces, it can be essential to developing the formulation, size, and pack that's right for you.

At Sargento, we keep close tabs on what cheese and flavor combinations are setting culinary trends and which ones are on the verge of becoming passé. Combine those insights with our facilities, cheese expertise, skilled R&D group, experience working with America's leading food manufacturers and restaurant chains—not to mention our ability to provide quick samples—and you have the perfect collaborative partner for developing customized, high-performing product platforms.

Create a fusion of multiple cheese flavors and textures in a single bite with Cheese Blends!


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