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No one understands cheese better than we do, and we’re devoted to using our knowledge to help your business succeed. We’re organized to understand your particular challenges, and we take a consultative, quick-response approach in developing solutions that are optimized for your needs.  By establishing this close, collaborative relationship, we can deliver products that are perfect for your operation ­– from concept and R&D to purchasing and supply chain efficiencies to optimizing performance in your kitchen and on your menu.

New Cheese Blends

Consumers crave authentic, complex flavors more than ever before, and they want to see something on your menu that’s both unique and familiar. Cheese Blend Slices are the perfect solution. Our proprietary blending process gives you all-natural cheeses with a combination of flavors and textures, all in a single slice. With four unique varieties – 5-Cheese Italian, 4-Cheese Southwest, 2-Cheese Cheddar, and 2-Cheese Sharp Cheddar Jack – adding multiple cheese flavors has never been easier.

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Cheese Training

Our experts are always on hand to help you sharpen your skills and elevate your understanding of cheese. Whether you want to better understand complementary flavors, the performance properties of different cheeses, taste trends or better ways to increase productivity and profits without sacrificing performance, we’re always there to help you overcome your thorniest product challenges.

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Trends, Insights

Consumer dining preferences are in a constant state of change, and our experts keep close tabs on what cheese and flavor combinations are setting menu trends and which ones are on the verge of becoming passé. By learning from our data-driven insights, you gain a competitive edge by being able to offer menu innovations that tap into the shifting desires of key demographic groups.

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New Products

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