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Menuing to Millennials


Millennials have emerged as a key demographic for restaurateurs. Their dining habits and culinary preferences are distinctly different from previous generations and promise to have a clear impact on your business into the foreseeable future, especially as their spending power increases. Let our insights and culinary expertise help you appeal to millennials on your menu.


kelly johnson


As the Sargento Millennial Menu Advisor, Kelly Johnson is an expert on menu preferences of this influential demographic. Kelly has been studying Millennial and consumer trends for Sargento and numerous consumer packaged goods companies for several years. Through content-rich consumer insights, Kelly collaborates with chain restaurants to address today’s generational challenges and build menus for tomorrow. As a parent of two young children, Kelly also adds a first-hand parental perspective. Kelly is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and in her spare time enjoys dining out to discover emerging foods and cuisines that Millennials love.