"I want to optimize my take-out/delivery program."

Convenience is becoming increasingly important to customers, especially with the booming population of Millennials.
Consider this...

  • 26% of Americans order take-out or delivery at least once a week. (Sargento research)
  • Grubhub alone processes 304,500 daily orders in 1,300 cities serving 9.81 million active diners.

It's no wonder delivery is the fastest growing segment in foodservice!

People want to eat their favorite foods whenever and wherever they like, and cheese is the perfect take-out food for on-the-go customers. They want to order it as simply and quickly as possible, and they want it to arrive in perfect condition. That means the right cheese melt on their burgers, the right consistency in their breaded Cheese Curds, and the right cheese blend on their pizza.

Many Sargento sales and R&D cheese experts have been with our company for decades—sometimes even generations. This helps them take a long view as they work with you—asking the right questions, understanding your operational and delivery/takeout demands, knowing specific product performance characteristics, and taking your budget constraints into account.

With their data-driven insights, cheese expertise, and customized menuing solutions, you can gain a competitive edge by offering convenience and delivery innovations that tap into the desires of Millennials and all the others driving the convenience trend.

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