Bill Schaeffer2

Bill Schaeffer

Vice President of Sales, Food Service & Ingredients

“It’s all about delivering value.”

Bill Schaeffer appreciates the fact that people are a business’s greatest resource, and that belief serves him well in leading a team of talented professionals. Having worked his way up through the ranks, he also possesses a wealth of cheese expertise and understands the unique needs of both product and menu developers.

Bill takes a long-term approach in helping the customers his department serves. That means building relationships that are based on trust and consulting with customers in order to provide strategic, lasting solutions that address their challenges and align with their goals. In creating those solutions, he counts on the insights, and the expertise of the Sargento R&D and Culinary teams. They help make sure that any proposed product is not only on trend but fits whatever operational, pairing, or performance profile might be required.

Lastly, and perhaps above all, Bill values working for a family-owned company. Not only does it give him the latitude required to develop authentic customer relationships, but it gives him and his team the agility they need to always be responsive to customer needs.