Meet the Expert JayMitchell v4

Jay Mitchell

National Customer Business Manager

“When I work with a customer, it’s not me alone. I bring a complete team of cheese experts and culinary resources to the table.”

Jay started his career over 30 years ago working for protein companies – meat and poultry, to be specific – but soon realized that cheese was the protein closest to his heart. Having worked in R&D as well as marketing, he brings a diverse and valuable skillset to the customers he serves, and he understands that you need to be astute in working with product developers.

Jay views himself more as a consultant than as a salesperson, and he makes it a point to bring new ideas to his customers. He has the ability to ask the right questions, and most of the time he can begin to formulate solutions on the spot. If he can’t, he knows the fastest route to getting to the right answer – a valuable asset when dealing with tight product development timelines. He counts on Sargento’s comprehensive resources to help his customers succeed. As Jay notes, “The Sargento variety, versatility, capabilities, creativity, customer support, and so much more, help me provide total solutions that are innovative, well considered, and practical.”