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John Meunier

Sr. National Customer Business Manager

“Our collaborative approach has allowed us to build decades-long relationships with the customers we serve.”

With 35 years in the food industry, John Meunier has built some enduring relationships. Starting out as a food broker and eventually launching his own brokerage firm allowed him to develop rich insights into both sides of the customer/supplier equation and to gain a valuable understanding of the dynamics of the food industry as a whole. That has served John well in consulting with his customers. His knowledge of cost containment, SKU consolidation, hedging, production, market forces and more help him create optimized solutions to the challenges those customers face.


John is involved in every stage of a customer’s buying cycle – from identifying opportunities to working on demand planning with the Sargento production team. Such comprehensive engagement is foundational to John’s solutions-based approach to selling. He walks through his customers’ doors, not with a product list, but instead with a consultative mindset to help them achieve their strategic goals.