Delahunt Kevin v3

Kevin Delahunt

President Food Service and Ingredients Division

“Over the years, one thing at Sargento has remained constant: our dedication to maintaining high ethical standards with our vendors, our employees, and our customers.”

Prior to coming to Sargento, Kevin had the privilege of working at Kraft and Quaker Oats. Those two great companies laid a strong professional foundation and gave him many of the tools necessary for creating customer value. They were terrific places to work. But when he got a call about an opening at Sargento, he recognized it as a chance to work for another great company, as well as an opportunity to return to his and his wife’s home state of Wisconsin. 

In the intervening 26 years, Kevin has witnessed essential changes to the Sargento product portfolio. Once dominated by shredded and sliced cheeses, it has evolved to include multiple specialty forms, packages, and product types – as well as highly developed R&D and custom capabilities – that help distinguish the products and menus of Sargento customers. 

Kevin recognizes that the key to his team’s success is its cheese expertise, its focus on driving innovation for customers, and its desire to deeply understand the businesses of the people they work with. At its core, however, is “The Power of We” – the team’s willingness to share insights and best practices amongst themselves in order to achieve optimal results for the customers they serve.