Mike Lieber v4

Mike Lieber

National Customer Business Manager

“With more than three decades in the dairy industry, I see my role as a dairy resource, helping both companies and individuals identify the ideal cheese variety and format for the product application at hand.”

Mike Lieber’s breadth of experience – R&D, QA, channel development, and more – serves him well in his consultative approach to sales. Rather than bringing a customer a formal product list, Mike embraces the Sargento philosophy of a “solutions first” focus.

In working with customers to develop products, Mike collaborates to determine what cheeses and cheese-based products are most likely to lead to success. That’s where his broad technical knowledge comes into play, as he has a deep understanding of what products are best suited to any given application.

Mike also leverages all the consumer insights that Sargento has gathered. So not only does he know flavor and performance, he can anticipate market preferences and guide his customers to take advantage of the latest taste trends and emerging (domestic and global) cheese varieties.