Meet the Expert Pat Kennedy v5

Pat Kennedy

National Customer Business Manager

“Trust is at the center of all my customer relationships, and it’s vital to achieving optimal results whenever we collaborate on a project.”

Patrick is a second generation cheese guy. Just like his father before him, he’s spent his entire career, over 30 years, devoted to cheese. And for Patrick, almost all that time has been spent in food ingredients – working with leading food processing companies. With a love of cheese practically part of his DNA and a store of knowledge built up over decades of successful food ingredient projects, he is a valuable partner to have on product development projects.     

Patrick’s cheese expertise lets him ask the right questions, understand operational demands, know specific product performance characteristics, take budget constraints into account, and much more in order to avoid pitfalls and quickly achieve positive results. By consistently delivering such a high level of service, and by leveraging Sargento’s culinary resources and dedicated culture of customer satisfaction, Patrick has earned a high degree of loyalty from the customers he serves.